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We Call This Special Community Home

Rockville Apartment Homes Harken Back to Communal Roots

By the late 1800s, the expansion of the American railway system helped to connect urban centers to outlying areas. Growth happened quickly for some suburbs. But for decades, Rockville—one of Maryland’s oldest colonial-era towns—managed to maintain a small-town feel, attracting affluent residents of the nation’s capital here as summer getaway destination.

It took a crisis for Rockville to become more than just quaint. During the steamy days of July 1953, the town ran out of water. This ironic development—the town is surrounded by streams, and is named after Rock Creek—spurred a campaign to modernize the towns infrastructure. The campaign worked so well that Rockville was proclaimed an All-American City by the National Municipal League and Look magazine in 1954. The next decade’s “urban renewal” efforts and the redrawing of city limits saw a spike popularity, yet the intimacy and warmth of its “hometown” feel remained intact.

That same sense of community pride and closeness is what living in The Fenestra at Rockville Town Square is all about. You’ll find it so reassuring that there is a history of regular reinvestment in the town, which has grown to more than 61,000 people.

The Fenestra is a jewel of modern Rockville. Not only does our location have a sophisticated aesthetic, but also its proximity to a revitalized and walkable Town Square is ideal to enjoy local shopping, dining and nightlife. Plus, top-notch Bozzuto services and regular resident and town square events (including a summer concert series and ice skating in the winter) connect you to your neighbors, encourage quality time with friends and family and, ultimately, deliver that unmistakable hometown feel. Welcome home.